A professional golf instructor and professional guitarist??? It’s true.

Certified as a Master A Teaching Professional from the PGTAA (Professional Teachers Association of America) and an associate member of the PGA, I am able to help those interested in learning how to play the game or to help those who already play, to refine and improve their game.

Where do I teach?

I’m proud to be offering lessons and clinics at one of the finest public facilities in the Bay area – www.monarchbaygf.com – located along the SF Bay in San Leandro, CA. Monarch has great putting, chipping, short-game areas, and a covered popular driving range. Whether rain or shine, Monarch Bay has you covered. I typically work afternoon to early evenings and most weekends.

What will you learn?

We’ll cover the basics during our beginning series of lessons: Grip, posture, ball position, understanding how a swing works, and ultimately trying to teach you the FEEL of a swing. The golf swing is similar to a carefully choreographed dance routine. Each body part has to be synchronized with one another to create a fluid, effortless motion.

We’ll address the “short game”: putting, chipping, reading greens, pre-shot routines, and a host of other integral pieces to help you perform at your best. The truth is, you’ll hit over 60% of your shots within 25 yards of the green or on the green – so it ‘s critical to pay attention to this aspect of golf!

What’s next?

To get started, go to http://bettergolfinstruction.com to schedule a time. I offer a variety of options to help you get started. From individual, packages, groups, assessments, I’ve got you covered.

If you are just getting started in the game or have issues with your swing, I’d be happy to schedule a time for a lesson or a series of lessons to help you enjoy the game.


How to reach me:

Email me: danchic@gmail.com or call me: tel: 510-917-0576

I hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about how I can help you out. You can also find me on Google Business Pages, Twitter, Yelp under Dan Chicorel Golf Instruction,  Facebook, and Instagram. Just search keyword Dan Chicorel or Dan Chicorel Golf Instruction.